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While some bands can sleep all day and drink all night, The Kartels, a four piece rock band from Dublin have neither the luxury nor the time.  All four members who work full time jobs dedicate all their spare minutes to practicing, writing and playing gigs, both in their local area and Dublin city. With songs such as “Don’t Let Them Get You Down” and “Good Times”, their uplifting style of rock influenced from the likes of U2, Kings of Leon, Ocean Color Scene and The Strokes combined together with their own blend adds a dynamic mix to the rock genre.

Currently in the middle of gigging and promoting themselves for the release of their debut single “Don’t Let Them Get You Down” which will be released in the early summer of 2011 through all major digital distribution channels.  Written by Aidan, the song that could not be more appropriate in today’s climate.

All four members have known each other from childhood and had been involved in music scene for a number of years. Back in 2007 Phil and Aidan had been writing songs with the idea of setting up a new band. Dean the drummer, had just split from his previous band called Gengus and was looking for a new outlet to hone his skills. Phil, Aidan and Deans paths crossed in 2007 and they talked about their ideas and where they wanted to go with the music. A rehearsal was arranged between them and Dean was onboard. While still on the lookout for a bass player, Dean bumped into Rob at the Oxygen festival and had asked him to come along to a practice session. Rob agreed and slotted well into the band. The Kartels were now formed.