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Hype Williams is an elusive project conceived by two “illegal immigrants” who for now we will know as D. Blunt and Inga Copeland.

The duo are touring on the back of one this years most highly anticipated albums “Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Gettin’ Reel”

The Hype starts here… a totally unique, alien, addictive sound that ransacks the musical filing cabinet: disjointed psych-pop rattles around the channels, smooth-edge soul is refracted into disorientating dream tracks, murked instrumentals stumble through your psyche, disembodied samples of cult rapper Drake float around and into other, less familiar voices … recorded exclusively in “magic hours” this is music that requires you to lift its shroud and climb inside. The spectrum of approving listeners to date is full – BBC Radio 1’s Benji B has premiered tracks, and The Wire has already devoted a page to trying to unpick the myth via a glowing review of their debut album.

With a catalogue of weird tall tales already tethered to their

(borrowed) name – including an “18 year relay project”, plus alternative names including Hounds of Hate, Paradise Sisters and Bo Khat Eternal Troof Family Band – the band exists as part of a bigger picture completed by a 360° range of art activities (“all about abuse, be it drugs, culture or equipment’, according to D. Blunt).

To date, the band’s infrequent performances have blurred the lines between music shows, media installations and art happenings, and have included Frieze Art Fair, Upset The Rhythm’s Yes Way Festival, and “Gyptian Lover” at SPACE.

“What do we actually know about Hype Williams? … an obscure, lo-fi form of dub-inflected half-pop as much akin to the post-industrial funk of 23 Skidoo and early Cabaret Voltaire as the scratchy psych of The Skaters et al … music which fascinates largely because of its refusal to commit” – The Wire

“Believe our hype about Hype” – The Guardian

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“School Tour makes stratospheric drone and pulse music, layering clouds of sepulchral reverb over trance-inducing Ominchord oscillations, decaying super-8 memories and loops of ghosts and whispering chainsaws. He is also a member of Children Under Hoof and Patrick Kelleher’s live band.” – LAST FM



“Mysterious, cigarette-smoke skeletons of songs shake hands with eerie banshee keening – Corcoran creates a Bateau Ivre of sound, slowly sinking and marvelling towards the abyss (…) [angkorwat] stands, or sits cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by computers, cables and synths. Behind her, flickering images lick at a projector. Senses swirl in and out of the room, while synth loops wrap themselves around necks and hearts.” – NME