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Sons of Caliber evoke a sound once narrated as an echo from time’s past, and a sensation from time’s present. ‘Music for folks’ it has been rendered. From time spent in the North Carolina mountains, Andrew Farmer’s manifesto was birthed : fusing the rhythm of his Northern Irish home land with a beat from the Bible belted South. Expect a melodic journey of innocence, the kind where lyrics fall from his sleeve and you slowly leave your chair for home, tunefully content. Acoustical? Yes, for the most part, instruments of the earthy nature, Sons of Caliber emerge from the woods to tell you tales of Irish wolves and starry nights.

Sons of Caliber started their journey in January 2011 when Stephen George Williams traveled to Northern Ireland form Georgia USA. He and I had worked together before but not on such a great project. We combined our songs and styles and hit the local scene with zeal and fervor playing every hole in the hedge. After five months of camaraderie and relentless gigging Stephen flew back to America to look after business and the torch passed to me to carry on the dream. The band has now grown to a five piece folk troupe of dear friends and great musicians. We have played Open House Festival, supported Nathaniel Rateliff, and are currently in the throws of recording our debut EP.