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“The artist who wore his heart on his sleeve, his record sleeve. He will be hugely missed, I grieve to know that I will only hear that great wounded bear of a voice on his albums from now.” – Bill Davidson

John Martyn’s music is timeless. Beth Orton calls him “The Guvnor” and credits him with being a pioneer of ambient/chill out music. Wounded Bear are a trio of musicians who endeavour to produce the same chill out atmosphere playing some of the finest acoustic songs ever written. Using two acoustic guitars, a double bass and a voice eerily similar to John Martyn’s own Wounded Bear will transport those of you who are already John Martyn fans right back to the first time you heard the songs that made you tingle. To those of you who have yet to have the pleasure of John Martyn’s music, we can only say…we envy you your first time.

Wounded Bear are: John Conneely. Mark Sullivan. Paul Johnson