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Wizards of Firetop Mountain play a blend of ’70s classic rock mixed with crushing stoner rock outs and ’80s metal. 2011 has seen the band blazing a relentless trail of gigs through the country to great acclaim. They have had the honor of winning Best Irish Music Video in Drop-d Writers’ Awards 2011 for their video ‘Onwards Towards the Sun’, describing the band as “the finest in sheer rock ‘n’ roll this country has to offer”.

On stage the band do not hold back. A steady flow of heavy, pounding riffs march forth like rivers of lava errupting from the depts of their blacked souls. Their live show is pure energy and all they want to do is draw you in and party.

Their live shows have generated waves of euphoric praise from music blogs over the last year.

There are no words to describe just how rockin’ Wizards of Firetop Mountain are. Having gigged around Dublin tirelessly, it shouldn’t be any surprise that their live performance has become so tight and vigorous” – Jonathan Keane, Drop-d

“...what their Facebook profile doesn’t quite spell out is the head-banging, fist-thumping brilliance of a WOFM show. Falling somewhere between ’70s hard rock and ’80s metal, Wizards blast out a sound so ostentatious, it’s almost hard to stomach. Almost.”

Celina Murphy, Hotpress

“Kicking off at 3 minutes to midnight with their signature mix of loose, groovy riffing and traditional doomy presentation, the crowd laps it up like hungry bears on a floating whale carcass.”

Born Again Nihilist

Wizards of Firetop Mountain will be releasing their debut album this year on Into the Void Records.


At the forefront of Ireland’s instrumental-prog-post-space-rock scene for over a decade now, The Jimmy Cake started life in summer 2000, quickly garnering a reputation for their ferocious and semi-improvised live performances, before releasing their debut album, Brains (Pilatus, 2001) to almost universal critical acclaim. The following year The Jimmy Cake played Ireland’s largest music festival, Witnness, and followed that with the release of their second album Dublin Gone Everybody Dead (Pilatus 2002). More critical acclaim, album of the year awards and sold out shows followed. The Jimmy Cake continued to record, releasing the e.p. Superlady (Pilatus) in 2003, headlined The Roundstone Arts Festival, Spraoi Festival and filled the Rising tent at the ultimate Witnness festival. After a tour of Europe and more festival dates, the Jimmy Cake took a break to work on that difficult 4th record, releasing a split 12” on Earsugar and appearing on various Compilation albums. In 2008 Spectre and Crown (Pilatus) was released to yet more rave plaudits. The Jimmy Cake finished 2008 with a spectacular show in Dublin’s Vicar St. After some personnel shake ups the Jimmy Cake changed direction yet again, exploring their darker, prog-gier side and investing in a stack of synths, and the fruits of which will be their 5th album, released this summer, 2012. Clocking in at over seventy minutes and featuring just three tracks this will be a kraut meets prog, synth versus rhythm, Kramer versus Predator odyssey through an electric wall of teen zombie mist and will be released on delicious 180 gram double vinyl.


€7.00 available online from WAV Tickets [Lo-Call 1890 200 078] (50c per ticket service charge applies on phone or creditcard bookings)