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Australian singing sensation Washington has just announced her debut Irish performance at Upstairs at Whelan’s on November 3rd 2011

Tickets priced €12 inclusive of booking fee go on-sale Friday August 19th from WAV, Ticketmaster outlets nationwide and

Megan Washington’s biography:

Yes, she is a female singer songwriter…but she’s not shy and retreating or cute. Her voice will stop you in your tracks. It brings grown men to tears on live television (seriously). It soars, then falters, then soars again and it is full of sorrow even when it is full of joy (soft, broken, soaring, sorrow, spitting, sneering, smiling etc etc etc). And she can dance.

She grew up in Papua New Guinea so she is a wild girl that knows which tree has water in its trunk, but she speaks French and wears couture even though she can’t afford groceries.
She made a record called “I Believe You Liar” and it’s not like other records. Its better and it’s hard to tell why exactly.
They’re all pop songs but not like you think. They are really, really wordy twisty complicated key changing sons of bitches that you’d have to go to music school for 6 years to play (she did) but after they’re done you can remember every chorus and every hook, and on the second listen you may be able to sing back most of the words.
They are mostly about love and how love can make you feel any other emotion.
She calls them sonic polaroids. That’s a little pretentious but you know what she means.