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Cranium Crunch is a once a month live music night that is exploring and exposing the art and mayhem of wonderful world of HEAVY. Whelan’s will play host into the dark mindset of the Heavy Scene that is exploding here on the Island.

Vile Regression are a heavy metal band from Dublin in Ireland, formed in 2007. Drawing from a wide range of influences, and borrowing from a multitude of sub-genres, the bands music is visceral and technical while still maintaining a solid, dynamic approach to song writing.

Vile Regression released their debut E.P ‘The Pattern Evolves’ through Casket Music U.K in November of 2011.

Lost Intension
The band was formed by Martin Killeen and Niall O Leary, who first met back all the way at the start of summer 2008 at “The Everest Summer School of Rock Camp”. At the start it was two musicians writing songs and developing styles.

Martin was very enthusiastic about developing a different and original style, and this led to the early song writing and developing of what was going to be ‘Lost Intention’. A lot of the first songs are forgotten now, but they certainly helped in the later songwriting. The style has mixes of many kinds of music, although it would mainly have an overall ‘rock’/ ‘metal’ kind of sound. We found it very hard to find a genre that perfectly fitted our style, so we would call our genre ‘Alternative’, as we thought it was a broader term to use.

It was just Martin and Niall for the first while, but after about a year, Niall O Leary brought Jason Kinlan in as the drummer. From then on the music was starting to sound more like we imagined, and we kept writing and practicing. Us 3 set about putting drums over some riffs that Martin and Niall previuosly constructed. But still this ‘band’ didnt even have a name yet.

Eventually around a year later, we decided upon bringing in our bassist Sean Tobin. From then on it was really starting to be a band. The bass added an amazing sound and Sean picked up on the songs very quickly. We finally came up with the name The Dimention. For about a year we were gigging under that name, but only a few months after we were getting unsure about it. We wanted a different name that suited us more and we came up with ‘Lost Intention’.

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