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Third seven’s one man band performance uses looping and layering of cello with beats and vocals to fill an entire room with a unique atmosphere for all to get lost in. it is a very important experience to witness this inspiring and dedicated artist.

‘Third seven’ consists of Billy Mickelson. He has played music his entire life, but has been performing music professionally full time since 2008.Consistantly traveling in and with a number of bands. ‘Mr Potato’, ‘larry and his flask’, and ‘dela project’ to name a few.

As of late, billy has been focusing his efforts back to his solo work, ‘third seven’. the goal with third seven is to bring the music to absolutely everyone, no exclusions. performing for yoga classes, punk rock shows, dive bars, venues, coffee shops, winerys, art shows, blue grass shows, folk shows, hip hop shows, with dj’s… everything he can possibly think to link with. it is an exciting ride to branch and network in this fashion. accepting no limitations.

Third Seven – Monochromatic by Whelanslive