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‘Valley of the Sun’ Released 23rd of Aug on FIFA Records

Although only in existence a 11 months, The Vincent(s) have been packing them into Irish venues and along with cohorts The Altered Hours, represent something of a sea change in music that has emerged from the Cork of 2013.

They set their stall out earlier this year with their debut ‘Asked Her to the Dance’ which caught the ear of Irish & international alternative radio. Raw recordings, noise and psych are the orders of the day.

Their roots lie in surf sounds and early 90s US alt-guitar groove, which sit alongside an unmistakable Irish vocal;

The Vincent(s)  hooked up with Irish indie label FIFA Records to put out their debut, and will follow this up on the 23rd of Aug with the release of the ‘Valley of the Sun’ EP . This will be a 4 track offering on CD and download with an 8 track vinyl edition being released in Sept.

The band will undertake a full Irish tour in support of the release.


“I strongly recommend either picking up a copy of the CD upon release or at least make use of the high quality download option to avail of the sonic treats exhibited on the record not to mention an impressive vocal performance from Margus Charles Allen” – The G-Man

“Their debut single ‘Asked her to the dance’ is a bold statement from such a young band, there’s something special about The Vincent(s). These lads strip back the trickery and let the musicianship argue its case, the hook of ‘Asked her to the dance’ is too infectious to deny” – The Daily Shift       

 “When they launched into “Song For The Sea” you sensed at that precise moment that here was a band that have something about them” – U & I Music Magazine

“I love this band” – Dan Hegarty 2FM

“I spent a good part listening to the new Valley Of The Sun EP from The Vincent(s) and it did not disappoint. They’ve hit it out of the park with that shambling alt/surf sound we first heard in Asked Her To The Dance”  Harmless Noise

“The stuttered movement of the track makes way for an instant chorus that buries its way into the mind; it’s cry “I’m ready to lose” will definitely become a chant-along moment for indie club kids and concertgoers” Dublin

“Their debut single ‘Asked Her to Dance’ is a total treat.” BBC Across the Line

“It’s a cool track, one of those songs that you sing a few hours after hearing it” The Point of Everything

“The Vincent(s)’ sound is a wicked mix of indie, grunge, and noise-pop.The combination may seem a little bizarre at first, but have a listen and you’ll see how these nuances work together amazingly” A Music Blog, yea? – Toronto Canada

“Did you know there was common ground between Link Wray and Nirvana? It was news to us. But it’s carried off seamlessly here”

“Fiendishly addictive track” Hot Press

“It’s got these delicious little moments of silence, which punctuate what is a great Indie Rock song, full of engaging hooks and a chorus that ruffles your hair, and lets you jump aboard for the ride” Backseat Mafia – Sheffield UK

SONG OF THE DAY | ‘asked her to the dance’ By The Vincent(s) Ears On – Manchester UK

“Asked Her To The Dance by The Vincent(s)! Our Song of the Day can be heard beneath  Enjoy!” A Music Blog, yea? – Toronto Canada

“The vocal line, which sounds like it really stretches to the height of the singer’s register, has beautiful tone. The stretch would usually be a negative but it is pulled off excellently in this case” MRU Magazine

“The reality is, the unperfected saxophone and ragged guitar only enhance the brilliance of this band. Their style is so untainted by auto tune, so distinctly unpolished that you are left simply more endeared to their music” Dublin

 “A compleeing act to go and feast your eyes on” Ears On – Manchester UK

 “One of the absolute best singles of the year”  Harmless Noise

“Cork noiseniks The Vincent(s) launch their new single this coming Saturday and it’s a belter” NiallofCork Blog

“addictive and luscious tunes” Music & Everything                    


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