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Mixing sunny upbeat sounds with a dark, thought provoking edge, Sharon Reid appeals to fans who love story driven songs or those who just want a catchy melody.

Originally from Co. Roscommon, she moved to Dublin after college and has been working away in the music scene ever since. Her most recent recording “MAKE YOUR OWN RUNWAY” has been released to huge public adoration! Initial response to ithas been overwhelmingly positive!

Sharon Reid gigs with her band ‘The Attic Knights’ with her on piano and lead vocals, but also moves out the front of the stage to rock it up a little. Supported by a guitarist and bass player, both on backing vocal, other members drop in and out as the nature of the gig requires. The vocal and harmony blend provide a fresh and different dynamic to the live show.

Sharon has fronted rock bands, but also has studied singing, (Bel Canto School of Singing), with a particular interest in Italian opera, this is why so many people from different backgrounds are instantly intrigued by this Irish Singer/Songwriter/Musician.

Writing on her own or co-writing and performing for people is what she does and loves best. Sharon has always managed to identify with her audiences and captivate the most diverse of musical tastes.

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