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Few bands on the Irish music scene show the same hard-nosed grit, borderline obsessive passion and barefaced determination that each member of Sal Vitro does.

Nothing has come easy for this band. Knuckles have been scraped, tongues have been lashed and bridges have been burned. But now the sky has cleared, the machine is oiled and the wheels are ready to turn.

Formed in early 2011 comprising of Josh Dunford (Lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Owie Lumsden (Lead guitar/backing vocals), Gerald Caulfield (Bass) and John Cuddy (Drums), their goal is simple; to bring Rock and Roll music back to its compelling, articulate and (most importantly) enjoyable best.

You won’t find any hidden agendas here. Just honest graft and a struggle to recapture some of the magic that these men feel music has lost.

Sal Vitro are a straight up Rock’n’Roll band filled with love and hatred, lust and apathy, fear

and bravado and purity and perversion.

‘This is simply some stuff that leaves you mesmerised when you hear it.’ – Music Review Unsigned

‘Sal Vitro will draw you in and rock your face off with their brand of high energy, grooving hard rock’ – Ciaran Lynch, Muzzle Music

‘Bluesy Groovin’ Fun!’ – Andy Cullen, Dimestore Recordings

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Swear By Your Love (MP3) by Sal Vitro

Strange Friends & Peculiar Enemies (MP3) by Sal Vitro