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RED EMPIRE – Gathered from across Dublin City, from Finglas to The Liberties to Tallaght, Red Empire have been together since the start of 2009. However, the real story of the band started much earlier than this. It was in 2008 that Richie, Dessie, Deco and other early members enlisted the help of their friend and mentor, Joe Jewell (Aslan) to begin recording the early stages of their debut album. These recording sessions, although full of real promise and quality, were complicated by a number of personnel issues within the group. Parallel to this process Craig and Gar, who coincidentally also knew Joe, were busy pursuing their own well established musical partnership under a number of different guises. Although this partnership also promised much and showed real quality, by late 2009 Craig and Gar thought it was time to look for like-minded musicians with whom they could collaborate.

And so it occurred that at the start of 2009, Craig, Richie, Gar, Dessie and Deco were brought together by their mutual friend Joe and agreed, through a meeting of minds and personalities, that they would begin to work together as Red Empire. Things began to happen quickly for the band as the natural chemistry within the band started to take effect. Together, the band began to write songs with a singular and distinctive verve. The relationships within the band also began to blossom both personally and professionally. The recording sessions as a five-piece became more enjoyable and the band, as one unit, began to show a togetherness and confidence while performing on stage.

Combining earthy musical backgrounds and a shared love for honest well-crafted songs, the lads began to combine their song-writing strengths and relax into their roles as members of Red Empire. Understanding the way five very different individuals and musicians can compliment each other so well, the band, with Joe having taken on the role of producer, have just completed their debut E.P. This E.P. will contain the tracks, “Hotel”, “Denial” and “Strange Philosophy”. Red Empire will release this debut E.P. on the 18th February following a launch gig in The Village Venue in Dublin.


SDM are a rock group from the greater Dublin area. They formed in 2003, orignally as an REM cover band. The original members Dave, Aaron, Brian and Steve 1.0 had all been in bands before. Dave and Aaron are cousins and had played together for many years. Brian and Steve 1.0 had played in numerous bands from covers bands to heavy metal bandits. When SDM formed Dave was a little rock weary so the original plan was to only play REM covers. That didnt last long.

SDM have been writing and recording their own tracks since their foundation and as a result play very few covers now. In fact they dont play REM at all. They sound like a mix between a lot of early 90s rock and funk bands including, Metalica, RHCP, Pearl Jam and perhaps a little REM. The band were playing regularly until Dave took a career break and went travelling the world.

Dave returned in 2005 and before long the band had a tonne of new songs they wanted to record. Unfortunatley Steve 1.0 soon had enough and left the band in 2007. Thats when Steve 2.0 came along and with the new Steve the band recorded their first album Funk Rock Whatever in Ashtown Studios. Paying for the recording, mastering and promotion proved difficult so the album wasnt officially released until 2009 when the band played The Sugar Club, Dublin.

Since then SDM took a break from gigging to write their new album. On November 30, 2011 they arrived back with a bang with all new material and played their first gig in 2 years in Whelans, Dublin. They have recorded demos of the new tracks which include He-Man and Transformers and hope to record the new album in 2012 if funds allow. REO – Rock Equals On.