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Are you Ready to Dance?
Are you Ready to hit the Floor?
It’s official…

We’re in Recession. So – in a nostalgic nod to the last one, and heady nights in McGonagles, The New Inn, Morans Hotel, and the Garden-shed in Collins Avenue, the Smile-meister has dusted down the twin-decks, and will rock the 26th Vibe with another of those legendary sets lovingly preserved on the b-side of The boomtown Rats “Looking after Number One”.

Channeling “the spirits of James Brown and James Joyce”, Mick Pyro’s Republic of Loose have been admired by everyone from Snow Patrol to Sinead O’Connor and U2. The super radio friendly funksters have won numerous awards and promise something special and poignant for this years show.

Former Bogey Boy and Grandslammer Doish Nagle brought us to tears with an emotional acoustic set a few years ago. Now he’s back with a full-on electric show. If your ready, he’s ready. Not to be missed.

Matt Wilson and Phil Edgar, personify the best of the current Norn’ Iron’ Indie scene. Together they are known to vibe regulars for their blistering, heart-rendering, loving, interpretations, of Philo’s legacy. Matt’s driving the agenda this year, so expect something surprising and left of field, which will probably steal the show again.

“Legends” according to John Rodgers, The Thin Lizzy Experience, make grown men weep and pubescent girls react like they did when Philo thread the boards. They have the lights, the pyrotechnics, the shapes, and a Philo lookalike who’ll make you feel like you just walked into the Oldtown video.

“Television Screen” launched the Punk Wars in Ireland and “Faithful Departed” put Philip Chevron into the pantheon of Irish Singer-songwriters. Individually several of the Rads have played The Vibe, including the first one 26 years ago. This year, after several attempts and near misses, the boys will finally make their collective Vibe debut. Anyone for smashing a telecaster?

Are you Ready – the 26th vibe for Philo takes place at The Button Factory on the 4th January 2012. The Pre-Vibe takes place at Whelan’s Wexford Street on the 3rd January 2012.Afro wigs and lookalike costumes are optional.

Hugo McGuinness