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Carl Andreucetti
Nikki Sheridan
Frank Grimes
Andrew Hozier-Byrne

Pedro & Co’s distinctive sound is influenced by American and English folk music, the Irish singer-songwriters of the last decade and the harmonies of Crosby Stills Nash & Young and Simon and Garfunkel. Growing up among folk and bluegrass musicians and learning to play the guitar from their parents, Damian and Charlie started to write songs in their teens. Damian and Clara made their first recording with classmates in 2004. The brothers spent their intervening years writing songs and performing around Ireland, while Clara toured Europe, the USA, South-East Asia and the Middle East as a classical viola and traditional fiddle player, performing in Carnegie Hall and the Electric Picnic festival, among many other venues. The trio have been playing together since January 2011 and have recently recorded their debut EP. As of yet, they have not let Clara put a banjo in.

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