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Trying to pin down the sound of Peace is a tricky business. The Birmingham-based four piece, brought together by bonds created by siblings, scrapping and school, have careered from the classroom to Columbia Records in a short period of time and lead singer Harry Koisser reflects that it’s probably the lack of a precise plan that has allowed them to travel so far so fast. “I’ve been thinking recently we don’t know what we’re doing, we’re just doing it. If we had a manifesto it would probably be ‘We have no idea’, I quite like the way that stuff just seems to happen.”

The first track that gained Peace a foothold in the public consciousness, ‘Bblood’, was heavily influenced by Harry discovering dance music; a culture he hadn’t previously been exposed to. “During 2010 I started staying in Birmingham with a mate who was a house DJ and there was a night called FACE he was a resident at. It was amazing and brand new for me at this time; the first time I’d been to a buzzing, happening night in Birmingham that didn’t involve guitar music. All of these friends were into techno and house which was completely new for me. I really loved the Sunday daytime parties that Below were putting on and it became something that was really influential in our sound. I wrote ‘Bblood’ after going to WetYourSelf at Fabric for the first time – I was like ‘Imagine if you could do this as a band!’. I was really into the shakers and bongos, I wanted to add techno elements to the music we were making, and that’s where ‘Bblood’ came from. I spent 2010 – 2012 clubbing and it’s two years I will never, and don’t want to, get back.”

Just over year after Peace had independently unleashed ‘Bblood’, they released their first official single with ‘Follow Baby’ dropping in April 2012. “We’ve only really released one single” says Harry, “I think it’s a lot earlier in our career than it actually appears. We’ve still got a lot of stuff to do.


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Whelan’s DJ w/ Late Bar from 10:30pm (Free Entry)