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Upstairs@Whelan’s from Midnight.

Doors: 11:45pm – Free b4 22:30pm

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Irish/Palestinian, Roisin El Cherif is a new and very credible Irish singer-songwriter on the music scene. After spending years writing songs and perfecting her craft, Roisin has taken to the stage. With a background in TV/Film Production to her distinct credit, she wrote, co-directed and produced the debut video of her song ‘Kerosene’, the first single released of upcoming EP. Roisin has played at the Ruby Sessions, Whelans and the Roisin Dubh in Galway for Mna Mna night and Citog showcase. Roisin has had a very busy summer with performances at Body and Soul and was selected out of 400 submissions to play the Unsigned Act at Sea Sessions. She recently played at Electric Picnic, Canalaphonic and Battle for the Lake – Achill.

Roisin’s EP will be released in the new year. Until then Roisin will perform two live shows, Whelan’s Midnight Hour on November 18th and December 16th in Galway’s Roisin Dubh where she will support Ham Sandwich.

Quotes from people:

“In the pop sense, vocally we’re in a half-way house between Evanescence’s Amy Lee and Florence & The Machine a few octaves lower. The video accompanies the track well, drawing out the mystical elements of the lyrics and combining them with a gothic and medieval pagan ritual story which focuses on the use of spiritual redemption and forgiveness as an allegory for healing a fractured relationship. El Cherif clearly has an expansive imagination when it comes to themes and ideas and is able to condense these into a brand of pop music that will be palatable to a wide audience of varying tastes.” – Remy’s Music and Film Blog

“I love Roisin’s visions and imagery and I can only imagine that place where she goes to bring us these melodies and lyrics she constructs so very well. To me, she is sharing a world where Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks reside in and I will take that anytime.” – Zoe Farrell of Musicwand

“Kerosene is a fabulous and mystical effort, surrounded by fantasy. The video is steeped in Gothic imagery, reminiscent of a heavy metal video but combined with Roisin’s unforgettably sensational voice. The lyrics are well-crafted with a sort of tribal theme running through; very effective alongside the video.” – Cell Caint

“Her vocal performance is incredible throughout the set, with plenty of soul and perfect delivery. Her songs have plenty to catch your ear with popping melodies and choruses. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to hear El Cherif’s music getting a lot of airtime on the radio in the future.” – Ado Lyons of An Ait Eile.


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Strictly over 18′s, I.D. may be required.