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Man Overboard, since their inception, has always been a band influenced by and representatives of their scene. From playing shows in sweaty basements across America to clubs around the world, the band has always believed in a DIY ethic that has helped create the culture that now surrounds the band.

Band members Justin Collier (guitar), Zac Eisenstein (lead vocal/guitar), Wayne Wildrick (guitar), and Mike Hrycenko (drums) played together in different bands during their high school and early college years in the New Jersey / Philadelphia area. Eventually, Collier, Eisenstein, Wildrick joined up with Nik Bruzzese (lead vocals / bass) to form Home Again, before eventually changing the name to Man Overboard.

Touring paid off and the band started to accumulate a devoted fanbase. Like many punk and hardcore bands before them, the band not only wanted to reach more fans, but they wanted to promote their scene as well. Their Defend Pop Punk mantra started as a simple t-shirt rip-off but quickly grew into a movement, promoted not only by the t-shirts but the website, podcasts, zines and still in production online TV show. “It has become a movement that has an attachment to our name but we also use to try and help connect the pop punk scene and promote new bands,” Collier states.

Although they had formed their own label, the band made the decision to sign to Rise Records in late 2010. The move may have raised some eyebrows within their fanbase at first but the band was always confident with the decision. “Rise is an awesome group of people. They told us what they wanted to do and how they work and we couldn’t be more excited to be signed to their label” Collier adds.

They released The Absolute Worst EP for the label in January 2011 and began work on their debut full-length.

For the album, the band brought on Steve Klein, guitarist of New Found Glory to produce. Being big fans of NFG, the band was excited at what he could bring to the mix. “Steve meshes really well with our style of working and our personalities. We all grew up listening to the NFG but when you are working together on a song you kind of forget that and work together on the same level.” The result is Man Overboard’s strongest album to date.

Pure Noise Records

Hype as fuck Pop Punk from Walnut Creek. Put out a record on Pure Noise earlier in the year and it is incredible. Get into it. If you don’t know.