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Born out of the modern day dustbowl that is Ireland John Blek & the Rats are a fresh folk outfit whose melancholy is tempered by a penchant for a good ol’hollerin and a hodown. With the their debut single,” The Tide Will Rise Again” to be released in late May, John Blek & the Rats will be undertaking their most extensive UK and Ireland tour to date. Taking in;


Cyprus Avenue, Cork 28th May

Roisin Dubh, Galway 30th May

De Barra’s, Clonakilty 3rd June

Whelan’s Upstairs 4th June

Mchugh’s Basement Belfast 16th June

McGinnity’s Cellar, Cavan 17th June

JJ Harlow’s, Roscommon 18th June

Kenny’s, Lahinch 24th June

Bridge Brook Arms, Thomastown 1st July

As well as numerous festival dates.

United Kingdom

North London Tavern, Kilburn 20th July

The Haymaker, Cambridge 21st July

The Dublin Castle, Camden 22nd Jul,

The Windmill, Brixton 23rd July

The Hydrant, Brighton 24th July

Mr Wolf’s, Bristol 25th July

Gwdihw, Cardiff26th July

Inspired by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Willy Nelson, Jack Kerouac, and the struggling, stuttering and stained path of life itself, John Blek and the Rats write music that is highly influenced by the American folk, rock and country music they grew up on but also by the later movement of punk that fired the souls of a new generation the same way Dylan did.

They strive to make it new. To bring new energy to a genre that sat in dusty old record boxes in the attics of fathers and uncles, to lament the the transience of life and love, and in doing so, kick up dust in the hearts of folks and drag them from the ashes – to give hope.

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