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Demented presents


Reaper Records

+ Bang Bros. and Cornered.

FFO: Madball, Sick Of It All, True Two Step Grooves and Hardcore

“Uncompromising and riff-hefty NYHC flag-bearers, Backtrack, released their first full-length, “Darker Half”, on Reaper Records and it’s a full on belter. We’ve very happy to be finally having these guys over for their own headline show after they busted out a savage set at TERROR last year. Forget about your shitty day, week, month or year for awhile and just let loose. Whether that’s just banging your head or trying to grind down the banister of the weird two step stairs near the fire exit before diving, you’ll have a good time. We promise.”

First Band 8pm

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€10 on the door.