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+Suzanne Walsh+Diarmuid MacDiarmada

Catscars needs/wants/must make an awesome video and release a shiny new EP this summer and so Caustic Soda-Pop are holding a show on Thursday to help this cat pursue her dreams!
Sorry about the indecently late notice but if you can make it along THIS THURSDAY you are guaranteed a great show of caustic pop dancey indulgence.

Doors from 8pm til LATE!

“..electronic, goth-inflected pop…a sublime mix of reverb slathered female vocals, stretched over icy electronic backing, hammered down into a four track diy style, the end result is a glitchy take on goth pop done by doppelereffekt or a zola-jesus-in-da-club slammer.” – Rough Trade

“Spookily hypnotic electronica, with vocals, that all threatens to dissolve wonderfully in front of you like a Solpadeine in a glass of icy water.” – AU magazine

‘Ilex is a post tranq post tonk post box laptop band consisting of 12 sometime punctual members. Quoted as being ‘often in tune’ by Steve Reich, she hopes to play Carnegie Hall with Peaches by the time she turns eleventeen. Listen in awe at

Brian Conniffe+Suzanne Walsh+Diarmuid MacDiarmada
“Brian Conniffe is a cross-genre, experimental musician, his work directly stating inspiration from such non-musical sources as hypnosis, linguistics and ritual magick, making for a style which fuses the darkest psychedelia with disquieting ambience.
Suzanne Walsh is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician and writer, who both writes, sings and collaborates with different artists including E+S=B, Gavin Prior and Aine O’Dwyer amongst others, as well as studying fine art in the National College of Art and Design. She is interested conceptually in playing with both how music is written and performed as a vocalist, and exploring the boundaries between styles, while puzzling over how exactly one might mend the Cartesian Split.
They will be joined by their regular guest, polymath Diarmuid MacDiamada, who is never sure what hat he should be wearing. Hat is edgy in substance but melted in urges. Melvin re-ran the video. Hat flows amply to wired meat.”

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