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Every Thursday At Midnight

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+ more to be announced


+ CLUB ZEBRA DJs [main room]
+ LIVE VISUALS [everywhere]
+ DRINKS PROMOTIONS [everywhere]

The band’s name, taken from a bible quotation, evokes questions surrounding their personal and musical background. “We were brought up within the church, so questioning religion, overcoming the fear of challenging leaders, and provoking the growth of new ideas are reoccurring themes on this record,” explainsLead singer Kris Platt.

Exploring these aspects is a central theme for the band’s debut album ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’, the title is taken from the lyric “…everything I’ve learnt amounts to nothing”. Although sounding literal, the record’s name holds a more profound meaning regarding the band’s growth.

 Reminiscent of early British post-hardcore (Reuben, Idlewild, Biffy Clyro and Hundred Reasons) and the harmony-driven US rock of Brand New and Manchester Orchestra, ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’ still manages to find its own place amongst these behemoths.

“We wouldn’t be a band if it wasn’t for acts like SixStarHotel and Panama Kings,” drummer Jamie Neish points out. “Those bands meant a lot to us early on, they gave us the confidence to do our own thing. Growing up with big bands playing big stages made music seem untouchable, but after seeing local bands performing in tiny venues to crowds of die-hard followers, we felt like this was something we could actually accomplish.”

 During live performances, MTC provides an enthralling, uplifting and participatory experience for all, from the smallest of European club shows up to the bigger stages. They’ve already supported the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Feeder, Dinosaur Pile Up and Twin Atlantic

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FREE before 10:30pm, Club entry applies after 10:30pm (Thur/Fri/Sat)

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