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Free Entry 2016

Youbloom presents


Whelan’s Main Venue

Sat 3rd June


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youbloom is a coalition of artists, musicians, and talent scouts dedicated to the discovery and development of great original music.

youbloom plc was established in Ireland in September 2009. It stands for creativity, excellence, compassion, fun and a fair deal for artists and fans. The Company’s core focus is online artist discovery and development through the youbloom Music Awards. Our offline activities, such as youbloom Music Awards LIVE, are conducted through partners.

At the head of the executive team is founder Phil Harrington, an experienced entrepreneur and musician. Phil has carefully built his team with an unequaled group of respected music industry professionals who have the experience, knowledge and imagination to guide youbloom’s success. The core team includes: Nigel Grainge (Sinead O’Connor, The Boomtown Rats, Thin Lizzy), Rupert Hine (Producer & songwriter incl. Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Wilson Phillips), Mike Bone (ex President of Mercury, Chrysalis and Island Records in the US), Jeff Stewart (CEO, New World Music), Ted Cummings (led major label publicity department for over 20 years) and Jochen Wilms, (former VP of marketing with BMG). These industry professionals contribute to the design of the youbloom platform and to the company’s marketing strategy. The company has a technology team in Ireland and the US with marketing team members in the UK, US, Europe and South America, ready to maximize the full potential of youbloom’s unique position in the music industry.



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_ Main Venue _

Saturday 3rd June
8.30 – 9pm              Elevation Falls
9.15 – 9.45pm         Nadia Sheikh
10 – 10.30pm           Royal Prospect
10.45 – 11.15pm       The Klares
11.30 – 12midnight   The MagnettesTICKETS

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Elevation Falls aim is to echo the great Rock bands of the past, with a modern twist.

Fronted by the powerful vocal talents of EF’s Warrior Queen Hazel Jade, flanked by her two duelling guitarists Chris and Darragh, with drums and bass pounding the beat, their energy and performance will really knock you out! These guys have a really great bond both as band members and friends, and their positive vibe emanates from the stage, & whilst they take their craft seriously, they always have time to laugh and joke!

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London based artist that combines indie, rock and pop with folky and jazzy vocals creating a characteristic and unique sound that she showcases in her original songs. Quirky melodies and catchy choruses with incredibly insightful lyrics – not representative of your average 21 year-old.

With an impressive cultural background, the half British, half Spanish artist has the power to captivate you with her haunting voice. “Nadia’s voice sets the audience into motion, with exciting vocal riffs and impressive range that shows depth and maturity” – LIVAMP, 2015.

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The arena rock band Royal Prospect from southern Sweden, has since the autumn 2013 set their focus to compose own music and material themselves. The bands objectives have been ever since to produce a unique sound different from all other bands, inspired of the huge arena sounds. The influences comes from different sources, no more, no less, as each member of the band have strong individual musical roots, based upon everything from jazz to the heaviest of rock n’ roll. Although, when it comes to the actual work of art, it will be settled with influence and inspiration from bands such as U2, Coldplay, Kings of Leon and Bruce Springsteen. Since the four members of the band started to play together early 2013, they have had some major successes, both in several music competitions and with some remarkable festival gigs, to enter their way reaching the top.

Before summer of 2015, Royal Prospect was invited to play the great festival called InMusic Festival in Zagreb, Croatia. The band played on the final evening at the festivals 10th anniversary, between the two big headliners Of Monsters and Men and Placebo. The concert became a massive success, and Royal Prospect proudly returned home to Sweden with reviews from the audience such as, “What happens when a small band from Sweden are better than some of the headliners?” and, “Royal Prospect should have been one of the headliners”.

Just a few days later, after their return to Sweden, Royal Prospect performed on the festival Torsjö Live outside the town of Hässleholm, and shortly after, also performed at the indie festival Popegoja in Malmö. Then the band had the honour to kick of the first show of the outdoor festival Goodnight sun, in their hometown.
Earlier this year, Royal Prospect played and performed one of the biggest university banquets in Lund, called Finnbalen. There were approx. 600 students in the screaming audience. Royal Prospect also opened for the famous and well known Swedish comedian Magnus Betnér, at one of his shows.

Anyway, it was before everything above in 2015, as the band realized and really got aware of that their music had something special that made people interested in listening. It was actually during the spring 2014, when Royal Prospect’s career and journey to reach their objectives, took its beginning. The band entered the Swedish music competition called Livekarusellen, and finished as 2nd runner up. At the same time they also entered the Swedish competition of the Emergenza Festival 2014, and Royal Prospect came out as winner of the whole competition. They played their gigs at some of the most legendary rock stages in Sweden, such as Babel and KB (Kulturbolaget) in Malmö and also Debaser Medis in Stockholm. For instance, at the KB gig there were approximately 900 spectators in the crowd, watching an amazing performance this night. It is of course something the band is really proud of, and this really opened their eyes’ understanding that their music actually was something to continue working on, and so they did.

Royal Prospect is at this moment in progress of releasing their first EP Watching your world, which includes six songs. The first single Say, was released on Spotify early this summer, and the second single Go Home, had its premiere in September. Royal Prospect was also chosen to participate and represent a project called Bands Of Sweden, a network combining small unsigned Swedish bands. This resulted in recording a 3rd brand new single called Imaginarity, which was released this August. Early in 2015 the band signed with the music publishing agency Music Help from Stockholm, in order to be able spreading their music to a larger group of listeners and hopefully future fans.

Royal Prospect continuously composes new music, and the band is always excited to show their fans some of their newest songs when performing. They are already now planning the release of their second EP somewhere in early 2016. This will of course contain four brand new songs that already are in the process to be recorded! All four members of Royal Prospect constantly work on their music together to find the core of both the music and the sound. This is something the band really put their soul into, always trying to find new ways how to get to the best result out of everything. This journey is a dream coming true, and somehow all members of the band will make everything in their power to succeed reaching it.

Royal Prospect is here to stay!

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The Klares is a four piece indie rock band based in Dublin. They’ve been together since 2012 and write their own music and lyrics. Members are Andy Burke (vocals and rhythm guitar), Jordan Lawless (bass and backing vocals), Eoin O’Shea (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Cormac Sheridan (drums and backing vocals).

They followed winning the Hot Press magazine Big Break school’s award in May 2015 with the release of their second EP Cookoo on 31 May 2015. Positive reviews flowed with Unsigned & Independent music mag saying “…could very well be the first Irish band in a generation to actually get excited about”. They also gave Cookoo the accolade of 2nd top Irish EP of 2015.

The Last Mixed Tape gave it 9/10 and said “What is key to Cookoo’s success as a record is also key to the Klares sound as a whole, and its the fact that you believe them. In an indie-rock scene comprised on a lot of bravado and posturing the four-piece are refreshingly direct”, and Golden Plec said, “It’s the sound of a young exciting band emerging from the pack of wannabes. The Cookoo EP is another confident step forward for The Klares”.

Cookoo received radio play across the country, as well as in the UK and USA.

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Phoenix Mag about The Magnettes:

“I first saw Swedish “glitter punk” sensations The Magnettes in The Macbeth, a tiny pub in Hoxton, and they smashed it with an explosion of energy and attitude from the stage. The group’s vocalists Rebecka and Sanna danced, pogo’ed, shouted and sang, while the band delivered a tight electro pop set that left everyone smiling.

Rebecka and Sanna have obvious chemistry, they have known each other since they were six. Growing up in the small town of Pajala (2,000 habitants) above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, they spoke the formerly illegal dialect of Meänkieli, and proudly refer to themselves as “witches”. Guitarist, keyboardist, and producer Tomas is equally maverick “We don’t want to be your average singing self-obsessed diary entries. We aim to do something bigger.”

The band have been writing, touring and developing their “21st Century Fuck-Pop” sound by playing at SXSW, The Great Escape and CMJ to name a few. Their last single “Sad Girls Club” gathered kudos from Perez Hilton stating “We LOVE this”, while the influential Scandipop website proclaimed “If you’ve been sleeping on The Magnettes then do yourself a favour and wake up!”

What’s next for the unstoppable Magnettes? Their single “Young & Wild” was just released and featured on the primetime Swedish TV show “Fina Familjen” (Nice Families), while Sanna is one of the contenders on “Bastubaletten” (The Sauna Ballet), a hugely popular program in Sweden where non-dancers are trained to deliver a ballet in a sauna. I shit you not.

The Swedish national TV station SVT will be sharing the girls Vblogs throughout May, and the band play their biggest gig yet when they join Tom Petty and Red Hot Chili Peppers at Summerfest Milwaukee, the largest music festival in the world with almost one million visitors. Summerfest have chosen the Magnettes as one of 20 bands they believe are the next big thing. We think they have good taste.””

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Whelan’s Indie Club w/ Late Bar from 10:30pm or check out the bands playing The Midnight Hour in the upstairs venue w/ WOOG RIOTS (FREE ENTRY, 12am).