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Five Women. Ten instruments.

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With awe inspiring four part harmonies, low bowed double bass, flutes, trumpet, banjo and more, Wookalily create a masterful and sweeping sonic tapestry that will leave audiences rapt with wonder, and wanting more.

Their debut album, ‘All The Waiting While’, and the subsequent gloriously uproarious gigs tantalised and secured lifelong fans in Ireland, the UK and beyond.

Recorded on traditional analogue equipment by the award winning producer Julie McLarnon (The Vaselines, Jeffrey Lewis, Lankum, King Creosote) Wookalily’s second album, ‘Everything is NormaL Except the Little Things Inside My Head’, explores the gentle nuances of cathartic melancholy whilst retaining that essential and unforgettable Wookalily sound, five women, ten instruments.

This is an ambitious folk music. Daring to dissolve musical and generic boundaries. Irreverently intertwining the disciplines of blues, rock, punk and more to create a unique and singular musical menagerie that must be witnessed to be truly experienced. Audiences will be left spinning with transcendent melodies and floating on ethereal vocals. It is a music that transports you to an ‘other’ place, somewhere between forever and the fleeting immediacy of now.

Wookalily have performed in session for the BBC (including a BBC4 documentary featuring Midge Ure and Rhod Gilbert), UTV, RTE and Sky. Notable live performances include support for Martha Wainwright at Soma, The Limelight Belfast, Spice of Life Soho, Nell’s Jazz and Blues Kensington and IBMA Songwriter’s Showcase in Nashville and more recently this year at Electric Picnic County Laois and The Red Rooster Festival Suffolk.

“Wookalily has officially dropped their eclectic and authentic single titled ‘Escort Me’ from their freshly released album ‘Eᐯǝr⅄tᕼing is Иoяmal Except the Little Things Inside My Head’. The song is unique, in my mind, because it is an alt-folk track that has a set of massive hooks and beautiful harmonies and hears like a pop song in that it sticks with you, in your head, after that initial listen. This makes ‘Escort Me’ an authentic piece of future #indie history because the song is like that new friend you can’t get enough of that is
wonderfully crafted by a brilliant set of talented artists.” – Ryan Martin, Jammerzine (Oct 15, 2019)

“Wookalily are amazing and deserving of more attention on the local music scene. There’s nothing else quite like them. Unique to the core, these five women turn from one instrument to another as quick as time. There’s only one Wookalily, but five women making a wonderful sound.” – Julie Williams-Nash, Folk and Tumble (Oct 08, 2019)

“Children and ghosts were created using tape varispeed and recording backwards, all captured to 2″ multitrack and mixed on the fly on a 1978 mahogany trimmed Trident desk. ‘Everything is Normal’ sounds like a 1970s lost classic. Atmospheric, cinematic, hints of folk and Morricone but also early B52’s . I really enjoyed making this record, it’ll find it’s way into cultured collectors hands over time.” – Julie McLarnon, Analogue Catalogue Vintage Recording Studios.

“Recorded on analogue equipment by award-winning producer Julie McLarnon (The Vaselines, Jeffrey Lewis, Lankum, and King Creosote), it has a wraparound sound that’s hard to pin down. At times, there is a vintage, throw-back vibe, at others, it is utterly other-worldly – ethereal and even a little bit spooky – then it swerves to an almost child-like innocence. This is music of complexity and many vibrant textures, yet there is a darkness, a broody echo arched in the background.” – Julie Williams-Nash, Folk and Tumble (Oct 03, 2019)

“Not immediately accessible, Everything Is Normal … requires you to work to get the most out of its low cast musical and lyrical nuances, but I promise you, the effort pays off.” – Mike Davies, (Oct 02, 2019)

“A great band with a fine album, ‘Everything is Normal Except the Little Things Inside My Head’. I’ll be playing quite a few tracks over the weeks and months to come.” – Adam Wilson, The Quiet Revolutionary (Sep 17, 2019)

“Fabulous! I like them very much. Wookalily, I think it would be interesting to see them live.” – Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire (Sep 08, 2019)

“A band called Wookalily make an impression – and not just because of their name; all female and from Belfast, they play a kind of spooked prog-folk, a notable song being “The Devil is a Woman”. There is something of The Wicker Man about them. Indeed, there is something of The Wicker Man about this whole place.” – Thomas H Green, The Arts Desk (Jun 04, 2019)

“Wookalily’s second album promises to be a glorious and perhaps unexpected development from the first one – a work of the same spirit but now with added depth. Where the songs of the first album were upbeat and quirky, those of the second are mesmerising, dreamlike and reflective. It’s the fire at midnight and mug of cocoa to the madcap day in the country that went before. It’ll be fantastic!” – Colin Harper, Music Author: Bloomsbury, 2000 and Jawbone


€12 available online from WAV Tickets or Lo-Call 01 4780766 (9:30am-7pm M-F)

– 50c per ticket service charge applies on phone, internet or creditcard bookings. Final ticket price may be higher from other outlets.

Strictly over 18′s, I.D. may be required


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