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+ guests PAVLOV’S DOGS

Itʼs been six years since the release of their last album New Dawn Breaking. Six years of starts, re-starts, rewrites, scraps, scrapes, walk-outs, walk-ins, changes of direction, crèche runs, school runs, the death of the Celtic Tiger, the collapse of a country, a change of government and a new president. One of New Dawn Breakingʼs stand-out tracks “Romantic Irelandʼs Dead & Gone” highlighted the climate that was prevalent in the year of itʼs release:

“They build them quick these days, apartment space would suit three or four. The walls are paper thin, while in my bed I can hear my neighbour snore……

Romantic Irelandʼs dead and gone, the Gombeen sold her for a song, I hate to lose her”.
Little did the band realise how prophetic those words were to become and what lay in store for the country. Or that it would take so long to complete and release the follow-up. Along the way they almost lost three band members who went off to join other bands in sheer frustration at the Wall brotherʼs obsession with getting every song just right.

Well, itʼs finally finished! Stop the Lights is The Walls third album and will get a release on March 9th 2012. Prior to that a single of the same name has just hit the airwaves and is now available to download from i-Tunes. Despite itʼs lengthy gestation, thereʼs a real freshness about this album and a sense of positivity pervades. If there are any prophetic words to be heard on this album then the refrain from “Phantom Power” is worth noting – “weʼre not gonna give up, not gonna give out…ʼcos this is the start”.

The album also includes “Bird in a Cage” which was a big hit with radio in the north and south of Ireland over the past six months. People involved in the making of Stop the Lights include Dubliner Rob Kirwan, who recorded PJ Harveyʼs recent Mercury Award-winning album. For The Walls artwork a five meter high installation was designed and constructed by ʻConor & Davidʼ, one of Irelandʼs best graphic design partnerships. Itʼs a tribute to influential characters past & present, family and band members and people such as Shane Geoghan and Toyosi Shittabey, victims of terrible and senseless crimes that the band wanted to remember.
In the face of a rapidly-changing music industry, diminishing sales and fewer music retail outlets, The Walls have started a Fund:it campaign in order to engage directly with their fans and to enable them to get involved in the project. Fund:it is an ideal way for artists to raise finance and for fans to be part of the process. There are lots of great rewards, depending on how much you choose to contribute, such as a songwriting class with Steve & Joe or even a gig in your house! Or you can just get a signed copy of this great new album before itʼs official release.

Whatever people contribute, the rewards are plentiful. See here:

There have also been extra-curricular activities going on in The Walls camp. Steve has started an acting career and has been cast in “Moone Boy”, the new series for Sky TV created by Chris OʼDowd (Bridesmaids, IT Crowd). Joe is now lecturing in BIMM, the new Dublin College for Modern Music. Rory and Marc are part of Bellx1ʼs touring band and Jon is playing trad music in Co.Clare.


€15.00 (incl booking fee) available online from WAV Tickets [Lo-Call 1890 200 078] (50c per ticket service charge applies on phone or creditcard bookings)