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play the music of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

There are songs that have defined our lives through the good times and the bad, you have heard them sheltering at the crossroads of misery and abandon, you have heard them at the alter of ecstasy and elation. Songs that portray everything from sin, murder, love, death, regret and hope to songs that are simply enjoyed for their time defying melodies and their inexplicable lifting of the soul. When such songs and music are discussed there is one name that is routinely referred to, Nick Cave… and of course The Bad Seeds.

Mr Cave has spent his lifetime fathoming the depths of power of the written word through the art form of music, amounting to a force that conveys emotions that are seldom completely captured in any other artistic form.

For the first time ever there is a show that captures the character and musical genius of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, an exhilarating performance that is playing to packed houses and tumultuous reviews over the past 2 years. The world of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds is being uniquely presented with a characteristic authority rarely harnessed by mere mortals within any single show to date. Performed by an A-list crack band of musicians and a mesmerising frontman – Jack Healy, that is fast becoming thought of as being the degenerate cousin or bastard twin brother of Mister Cave, or as Hotpress magazine simply put it “A Superband”.

Whether or not the songs and music of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds play a central roll in your music collection, you simply have to experience this show live to feel a heaven-opening maelstrom of beauty scarcely captured by a live band. From blood soaked ballads to evocative Godliness and anarchic elegance there has never been a show that has captured the golden thread of what makes these men legends until now. Apart from the wry humour and stories that link the songs, you will experience an evening that has already been confirmed in many hearts as the most convincing performance of Nick Cave’s music anywhere on the planet.

The Van Diemens are the crusading dark horses that keeps the mysteries of life alive, offering an escape route and destination to anyone seeking liberation from the norm. “Outsiders, social misfits, anti-establishment merchants posing as romantic outlaws.”

A description that usually precedes the arrival of The Van Diemens. They like to think it doesn’t take much imagination to know that the bad guys are infinitely more interesting than the good guys.

The Van Diemens are Jack Healy/vocals, Gavin Murphy/guitars, J.D. Wilde/drums, Cian Boylan/piano and Tommy Moore/Bass. All of these guys are well seasoned musicians from Irish, European and World tours in addition to countless albums they have performed on for a host of international acts including Van Morrison, Herbie Hancock, Duke Special, Camille O’Sullivan, Jerry Fish, Mary Coughlan, These Charming Men, etc. etc.


€10 available online from WAV Tickets [Lo-Call 1890 200 078] (50c per ticket service charge applies on phone or creditcard bookings).

Strictly over 18’s, I.D. may be required.


Whelan’s Silent Disco from 10:30pm – 2 DJs, just pick the one you like best [Free before 11:30pm, €5 after] plus Late Bar.