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Live from the Window at Whelans




On a fateful summer night along the east river in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, violinist Bennet Cerven was playing at a party in a loft space overlooking the Manhattan skyline. During the impromptu jam, fellow musician and producer Sylvain “B-Zy Brain” Caillard entered the scene. After feeling the energy in the room, B-Zy Brain ran to the nearest instrument (which happened to be a keyboard) and jumped right into the mix. The two immediately felt a musical connection as they passed melodies back and forth in front of a mesmerized group of bystanders. Following the end of the session, the two newly introduced musicians decided to collaborate and produce a song together. Months later, while hanging out a mutual friend’s place, Sylvain picked up a guitar sitting in the corner of the room and began to play. His energetic play and rhythmic style captivated Bennet, who had been seeking the right guitarist to work with since moving to New York City years earlier. The following morning, Bennet went to a local music store and purchased a guitar. When he met B-Zy Brain later that afternoon, he presented him with the guitar saying “we’re starting a band;” thus marking the birth of the Trouble Notes.

The duo immediately began writing material, which started as improvisational songs in the street. Having both come from diverse musical backgrounds, the result was an infusion of style which creates a genuinely eclectic sound.

A trained classical musician, Bennet began learning musical theory at the age of three and first picked up the violin shortly after his fourth birthday. He continued his studies throughout his youth, performing in orchestral ensembles, quartets and solo competitions. Bennet began improvising and composing in his early teens, recording his music on a tape recorder in his room. He cites the work of jazz violinist Stephane Grapelli as his greatest musical influence.

B-Zy Brain started playing the guitar in his early teens. He was drawn to the sounds of reggae music from an early age and began writing reggae songs and performing in Reggae-Dancehall sound-systems in France. He soon took his musical talents digital, by writing and producing techno sets as a DJ all over Europe and Asia. During his travels, his musical style began to take form as he experienced a myriad of cultures and personalities. He has produced Hip-Hop and Pop tracks for and has collaborated with talented artists spanning the entire globe. His cultural encounters have shaped his guitar style into something uniquely his own.

After spending their first few months on the streets of the Metropolis, the Trouble Notes would soon take their music to the stage, performing in popular event venues in New York City including regular appearances at BXL East, The Delancey, Ella Lounge, Spike Hill, The Trash Bar, Pianos and The Bowery Electric. Despite steadily gaining momentum in New York, the duo felt a relentless thirst for travel and adventure which ultimately forced them to leave their fare city of origin and embark on a world tour…