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SHIFT is proud to bring you The Midnight Hour. Showcasing the best new talent in Ireland.


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The rapidly speedballing towards the stars 80s Rock outfit Shift, invite you to THE THIRD COMING! This time, amps will be set to 13, hearts will be glued back together and re broken and of course you will get Shifted.

Ricky Starship, Van Hammer (the Norse God of Rock), Rowdy Ronnie Smiles (the Cock Ness Monster), Sene Gimmons (the Numen) and Chad Secsington will all be there to Rock away those lousy Winter/Spring blues and welcome the season of the Shift. If you like leather, pentagram necklaces, men wearing make up and slightly too short, skin tight pants, you’re going to love Shift.


FREE before 10:30pm, Club entry applies after 10:30pm (Thur/Fri/Sat)