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Since they’re formation in 2007 The Deans have strived to leave the little island they call home and endeavour not to settle until they have the world at their feet.

The Deans consist of Gavin Dean, Gary Keon and Ronan Lally. All from the west of Ireland and in their early twenties, the band have spent most of their teenage years on the road. Upon leaving school in their mid-teens, the group played what seemed like every dive, bar and club from the west of Ireland to the mean streets of London and Leeds.

Now in 2011 The Deans are a force to be reckoned with. Gavin Dean, the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter is the driving force behind the young band. His songs are filled with romantic notions, stories of travel and a lust for life that the band all share, stemming from an intense and early exoneration from the teenage years that they didn’t have. It is Gavin Dean who is at the helm of this vessel steering The Deans on their musical journey, but a captain is lost without his first mate. This role is played to perfection by Gary Keon who has been pivotal in the story of the band. With his heavy handed and exciting drumming and soaring vocal ability, his contribution to the group is immense. Ronan Lally, bassist, vocalist and the latest edition to the group, has performed and toured with bands throughout Ireland since his mid teens. His rocksteady bass style and unique vocal harmonys are a fabulous addition to the three piece.

Since 2009 The Deans have toured extensively throughout Europe, playing venues and festivals in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Holland. After being sighted at the Guitare-En-Scene festival in France by the organisers of the Montreaux Jazz Festival, the group were invited to perform at the 43rd anniversary of the world renowned music festival. Their music was used for the advertising campaign for both festivals that same year. It was fantastic exposure for the group and lifted their profile, especially in Europe.

“Roots Rock” is the answer Gavin always gives when asked to define the musical styling of The Deans. “Our influences vary greatly. We listen to a lot of Folk, Country, Soul and Blues. On the way to a gig we could listen to anything from Bob Dylan to Paolo Nutini, from Bob Marley to Lonnie Donegan. We don’t really listen to much heavy rock music. That heavy sound we have is just something that happens, we can’t help it.” –Gavin

The Deans sound is immense. Melodic vocal harmonies combined with a hard hitting rhythm section and occasional horn section, their live performances are second to none. Wonderfully crafted songs with psychedelic musical mastery, leading to memorable live shows that always leave the crowd wanting more. In the words of one critic who said of The Deans live show, “That was liquid sex, from which we the audience all drank and were brought towards the orgasmic climax that freed us all from our minds for just a short while, all too short”.

The trio independently released their first single “Worried all the time” in November of 2010. The song reached into the Top 40 of the official Irish charts, making the small town boys the highest ranking independent entry for the month of November.

There is a lot more to come from this engaging young group. So let us all drink in the “liquid sex” and bask in the mesmeric sound of The Deans.

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