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Whelan’s Front Bar – 8pm

Saint John the Gambler has been Mark Baker’s musical guise since 2006. Inspired by Townes Van Zandt, in both name and originality, Baker’s songs have been constructed with musicians from all over the world. From the beginning, SJG has always played folk influenced alternative music.

As Saint John the Gambler, Baker has performed and/or recorded with Alexander Sheykin, Marc Proulx, Garan Fitzgerald, Sean MacNutt, Anni Moynihan, Gifford Machirus, Vadim Scott, Anna Fedotova, Ali Henry, Enikeev Gadel, Lee Ji-sun, Konstantin Drobitko, David Marnoch, George Bozanich, Brodie Read, Brad Wheeler, Doug Short, Randall Krichbaum, Felix Brochier, Darragh O’Kelly and Mary-Elizabeth Holby.

SJG first hit the stage in Seoul, South Korea in May 2006 with a seven-piece ensample, playing Folk Rock. Performing on the university scene and to the ex-pat community he developed a loyal following, releasing a debut self-titled EP in March 2007. SJG was invited to perform at the Hi Seoul International Festival in Itaewon, South Korea the same year. Following the success of the album Trains for the Sea, the full-length debut album, released in December 2008, SJG left Korea, moving to Montreal, Canada with a strong shift in musical direction to a more mature alternative sound.

SJG gained a fine reputation in Montreal, playing in bars and cafes to appreciative audiences, with superb backing of violin, accordion and trumpet. And now back in his native Ireland SJG is performing nationwide. By fusing various musical traditions with contemporary songwriting and exciting performances SJG’s has formed a bluesy Celtic piracy that is vivacious and beautiful.