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Robert Delaney is a singer/songwriter/lyricist from Dublin.  Robert has just finished his first solo EP, ‘Lilies For My Sweetheart’, with the help of producer Scott Halliday. This four track EP was recorded in Dublin during the Autumn months of 2010, the influences of which are rhythm & soul, folk and the blues.
On songwriting; ‘some songs take an age and I have to keep chipping away on and off for many weeks, others simply write themselves, I just guide.  It depends on the moment and sentiment of the song I guess.  I’ve been writing poetry/lyrics since I was a kid but only started putting word to music in the last few years.  I’m back in the studio recording a load of new material which will be released during the Spring of 2011′.
Robert has also published a book of lyrics and currently assists in the lyric writing of Dublin based electro pop act Bitches With Wolves.