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In a previous life Q was known to friends and acquaintances as Colm Quearney, the guitarist and songwriter with not one but TWO of Ireland’s more daring bands (DRAGONFLY 91-94 & LIR 94-99). His ‘01 debut “The World’s Not Round” and the follow-up in ’04 ‘Body Electric’ put Colm on the map as a solo star and Colm simply became Q to the delight of small children and grown-ups everywhere. With a reputation as one of Ireland’s leading guitarists, Q has been playing in many of the country’s top acts including Jerry Fish & the Mudbug Club, Mundy, Pugwash, & The Pale.

Two songs from ‘The World’s Not Round’ appear on revered english director Suzie Halewood’s new film ‘Bigga Than Ben’, recently featured at Edinburgh Film Fest followed by Moscow and Brooklyn. The film will be release in the UK, USA, & Russia in September through Swipe Films.

After the release of ‘Body Electric’, Q built his own studio on the northside of Dublin ‘The Qube Ananlogue & Digital’ where he’s been ever since working on various oddball projects including Producing The Pale’s ‘contents of a shipwreck’ album released in 2007 on 1969 records to great acclaim as well as The Ghandis, Hugh Buckley and many others. Most importantly he’s been recording his third album, set for release in early 2009. Available for download on August 8th, these songs provide a preview of what is no doubt going to be a cracking album! Featuring drummers Graham Hopkins, Johhny Boyle, and bass player Robbie Malone, plus guest vocalists Thomas Walsh of Pugwash fame, and the soulful and angelic Jenny Lindfors and Laura Sheeran. its spector pop, folksynth, rock – theres a new one for ya !!!