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Live appearances by Natural Snow Buildings are an even more rare jewel than their records, which seem to briefly appear in limited numbers and instantly be devoured. The Vitré-based duo of Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte began creating music together after meeting at university in the late 90s, armed with little more than cello, guitar and voice. They began issuing tapes and CDRs in miniscule quantities, word slowly spreading through the exclamations of such devoted advocates as Digitalis and Time Lag.

Despite their minimal means, Natural Snow Buildings music is never less than all-consuming, be it in their ethereal and windswept epics or their moments of close-mic’d vocal-and-guitar tenderness. Their releases always materialize on a grand scale, usually of two discs or more, always adorned by Mehdi and Solange’s quasi-mystical artwork – like the tracks inside, each one seems like a fully realized dream.

2006’s The Dance Of The Moon And The Sun was perhaps a watershed, the duo finding their work hyperbolised online as a “monumental masterpiece”, “the history of all things” and “perfection defined”. Popol Vuh, Flying Saucer Attack, Vashti Bunyan – comparisons abound and uniformly fail to do them justice. Soon began their relationship with Sheffield’s Blackest Rainbow label and a series of releases that continue to sell out almost before the label takes delivery.

This is the first proper tour by Natural Snow Buildings and this truly is not to be missed.

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