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Upstairs@Whelan’s from Midnight.

Doors: 11:30pm is proud to bring you The Midnight Hour. Showcasing the best new talent in Ireland.


Senakah (or Seneca as they were back then) first fell into place in Limerick City, Ireland in the latter half of 2005. Vocalist Rob Hope and bass-player Yvonne Conaty, had been in a band which imploded, Daragh O’Loughlin had joined as it’s drummer just before it breathed its last. The trio became a four-o when they were blown away by Brendan O’Gorman’s guitar wrangling skills at a house party and invited him to join the band. The four piece had their first gig at a local Battle Of The Bands (yes, they did win – thanks for asking) and from then on they have been on an unbending mission to bring their unique music to the world.

After a year or so of writing songs and playing together the next logical step was to make a record and over the course of a year and a half ‘Sweeter Than Bourbon’ was recorded in various bathrooms, bedrooms – even the occasional real studio – and it saw the light of day in mid-2008. The reception made all the effort and time worthwhile with messages of congratulations coming from Spain, France and Sweden sending the band scuttling off to find online translations.

The opportunity arose to play a festival in Colorado and with encouragement from performers such as Speech (from Arrested Development) and Mac Gayden (Dylan’s guitarist on Blonde On Bonde), the band decided to return to the US for a full tour. That ‘tour’ spun out over time to almost three hundred shows over the course of a couple of years, from little bar gigs like the one in Springsteen’s local in Asbury Park, to festival gigs in front of thousands, even jamming with Funkadelic’s Bernie Worrell along the way.

All the while the band were building up an impressive collection of new songs which were being introduced into the live set. The decision was then made to return to Ireland to finsh the process of writing the new album and to record the songs. The band knew Noel Hogan of the Cranberries through a mutual friend and he was always forthcoming with suggestions and generous with his experience so when he offered to produce the new album they were elated. Recorded over the course of twenty seven days in the former Bishop’s Palace in Limerick, the new album ‘Human Relations, is a confident step forward for the band in both songwriting and recording. As always their one clear hope is that it brings Senakah into many more hearts and minds.


FREE before 10:30pm, Club entry applies after 10:30pm (Thur/Fri/Sat)