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Upstairs@Whelan’s from Midnight.

Doors: 11:30pm

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The mystical source which inspires the oeuvre of Dublin’s premiere narrative driven sci-fi/fantasy stoner rock/krautrock music group CROWHAMMER is widely held to involve esoteric channeling techniques as a contingent aspect of the composition process. At this juncture, this should appear relatively self-evident. In a sincere attempt to render intelligible the dramatic events culminating in the apotheosis of an entire planet, whose specific features are beyond prevailing theoretical understandings of time and space, the group have utilized the recent supermoon – whose astrological significance hardly needs to be underlined – to refine their understanding of this cosmically significant event. The micro-societal happening which constitutes this particular iteration of contemporary rock performance offers the attendee the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the audio/visual rendering of the latest installment within the unfolding chronology which derives its content entirely from recent supermoon sessions. Suffice it to say, its contents are profound, and contain significant ramifications for the fate of Vertexia. While a detailed understanding of the multitudinous sensual effects associated to immersion in the emotional residue of the channeled content still proves illusive, several individuals exposed to it have declared it to be ‘alright.’ Joining CROWHAMMER on the night will be VATICAN II. The ontological freshness exuded by their sheer newness is difficult to overstate. At the time of publication the group possess a 0% online existence ratio with respect to the physical world. The brutal reality of those numbers offer the attendee the opportunity of making first contact with this entity distinctly within a physical domain undiluted by the mechanical destruction of time and space which constitutes the online consumption of cultural commodities. This tabula rasa approach may represent something of an obsolete modality with regard to leisure activity in a saturated information age. But despite any obvious merits represented by the expressive inter-changeability factor of going to a cool rock show with vague or half-baked references to cosmic sillyness maybe you might think they are good. TO RECAP, TWO BANDS, NAMELY CROWHAMMER AND VATICAN II ARE PLAYING A ROCK SHOW SOON. IN WHELAN’S. UPSTAIRS. MIDNIGHT LAD. STANDARD TERMS OF WHELAN’S MIDNIGHT LAD APPLY. NAMELY: IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND PLEASE INDICATE THIS INTENTION HERE… FOR ALL TO SEE. TTFN.


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FREE before 10:30pm, Club entry applies after 10:30pm (Thur/Fri/Sat)