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– Celebrating the Music of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

Brought to you by Pauline Scanlon, Noelie McDonnell, Noriana Kennedy, Nicola Joyce, Christof, Sean Regan, Trevor Hutchinson and Gerry Paul. This special handful of Irelands finest roots musicians will teem together to perform an evening of songs from Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.


Simplicity in music is sometimes the hardest thing to achieve but Gillian Welch embraces the challenge. With beautifully composed songs, simple vocals and harmony, her long awaited new album The Harrow and the Harvest has satisfied an eager audience of millions.

In celebration, a special handful of Irelands finest roots musicians will teem together to perform a Gillian Welch tribute night – ‘Look at Miss Ohio’. The night will run in Whelans, Dublin on Tuesday August 23rd and Wednesday August 24th in Kellys Galway.

Any tribute band set themselves an admirable challenge trying to do justice to artists who are obviously their idols.  The Gillian Welch and David Rawlings combination is beyond any doubt irretrievable but this eight piece line-up definitely have the mettle to impress.

Duets from Dingle singer Pauline Scanlon who’s voice was quoted as “a superb mix of china cup fragility and steely resilience” by The Irish Times will be joined with singer songwriter, Noelie McDonnell, who won hearts in Ireland with beautifully written, ‘Nearly Four’.

The tasty lineup also includes the charming and sensitive voice of up and coming singer songwriter, Christof van der Ven dueting with Galway based oldtime singer Noriana Kennedy. Nicola Joyce from Americana/Irish group Gráda is “a magnificent vocalist who sings with sheer beauty and poignancy” (Earl Hitchner, The Wall St. Journal). She will also contribute.

The performance will share songs from album ‘Revival’ (1996) to most recent ‘The Harrow and the Harvest’ (2011) with basslines from The Waterboys’ double bass player, Trevor Hutchinson and guitar solo’s from New Zealander Gerry Paul. Gerry has recently toured and recorded with grammy award winning bluegrass icon Tim O’Brien. Appearances on fiddle will be made by Sean Regan, best known with his playing with Sharon Shannon and Damien Dempsey.

All the musicians confess hands down devotion to Dave and Gillian’s simple brilliance. Their own mixed musical backgrounds will bring flourish and grit to Gillian’s songs such as ‘Caleb Meyer’ and ‘Annabelle’.  There hasn’t been a signal for Gillian and Dave to perform in Ireland in the near future so we’ll just have to dance to the lilter until the fiddler comes.