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Live from the Window at Whelan’s



The Eskies formed not so much as a band but as a gentleman’s club come minor social movement in Germany in late 2006. Known then as Die Bierin Coolers, they passed the long days in the feverish German summer heat herding tourists on and off coaches and each night would retire to their private quarters for often intense rounds of children’s game “Candyland” (see below link).

After several successful and happy hours they decided to further their career by relocating to the neon soaked boulevards of Rathcoole County Dublin, there they began to play local public houses such as the Rathcoole Inn and The Poitin Still and quickly picked up regular gigs around Dublin’s City centre.

Before too long they had amassed a strong set of original material and were beginning to attract attention from music lovers around the capital, they gigged extensively around the country in support of bands such as The Blizzards, Delorentos, Director, The Saw Doctors and Aslan.

The band looked to be on a slow boat to the promised land, however, inconvenient circumstances occurring in late 2010 left their future up in the air, and with the general consensus among the quintet being that their time had come, The Eskies went their separate ways…

After months of wandering aimlessly through streets of notorious Dublin suburb Tallaght drinking milk straight from the carton in the hot sun (much like that now infamous scene in the well known feature length motion picture Anchorman), Ian and Steven began jamming again in August 2011 with the intention of creating something completely different from what they had done before.

Over the next few months, bass player, harmony tycoon and house wives favorite Tim George, mustachioed mandolin Mandarin and hardcore champion of the world Rob Murphy and resolute guitar cavalier/ ‘bit of rough with a heart of gold’ Sean O’Reilly joined to make the band whole again (a la, Atomic Kittens fifth single taken from their debut studio album “Right Now” released in late January 2001).

In 2012, The Eskies brought their unique brand of contemporary country-folk (often segwaying into Poe-esque Gothic lament or sea shanty) and swaggering stage spectacle to several venues around Dublin and beyond, with performances at Knockanstockan, Electric Picnic, NPLD and Jack of Diamonds Rhythm and Roots Festival.

Their EP “Sherry Go Round” is available now on iTunes and CD.