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GLIMMERMEN (Album Launch)

Transduction Records presents


plus guests


DJ BOZ MUGABE until late

Doors 8pm til 2:30am

Formed in 2010 from the ashes of revered Irish bands Boxes (Gavin Cowley, vocals, guitar), Jackbeast (J Bassetti, double bass, vocals) and Holy Ghost Fathers (Phil Murray, drums, vocals), Glimmermen are a stripped-down three piece that take rock and roll back to its primitive core. Having quickly earned a reputation for their intense live shows, the band released their debut EP “Satellite People” last year to widespread acclaim and comparisons to Television, Pop Group and Mission of Burma.

Decamping to Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore last year as Hurricane Sandy was battering the eastern seaboard, the trio hunkered down with ex-Jawbox frontman J Robbins at the controls to record their debut album. Their intention was to capture the sound of a band playing live in a room to two-inch tape, eschewing frills or effects, giving the music room to breath. The result is a stark, honest life-affirming collection of songs.

Built on the rock-solid foundations of Phil Murray’s inventive drumming and J Bassetti’s propulsive stand-up bass, “I’m Dead” deals with themes of life, love, regret, paranoia and hope with Gavin Cowley’s sinewy guitar work and distinctive vocals using the sparse arrangements to maximum effect.

Kicking off with the celebratory ska-infused call-to-arms of the title track, “I’m Dead” is an engaging journey from start to finish, from the menacing spoken-word post-rock blues on “Angels & Devils” to the wisftul pop of “This Town” through to the haunting finale “Home”. With “I’m Dead”, Glimmermen have announced their arrival as a band that is very much alive and in the moment.


“Glimmermen are a different sort of band. In a sea of Spector-like indie landfill fodder they wear their honesty & integrity on their black sleeves with a sound that goes straight to the heart. Glimmermen know exactly the sound they want to make & that’s something we want to hear”Le Cool Magazine Dublin


€10 / €12 with free CD / €15 with Free 12″ Vinyl