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Fri 1st July 2022

Whelan’s Upstairs

Previous album produced by Jon Spencer. Championed by Henry Rollins. Signed by Mike Patton.

“Check out The Bobby Lees… The future is minimal proto slash punk!” – Debbie Harry

March 22, 2022, Woodstock, N.Y — The Bobby Lees, the upstate New York four-piece Uncut described as “an explosion of intensity of high-concept, low budget rock’n’roll” and The Chicago Reader said have “the chops and the weirdness to refresh vintage rock, punk and blues…,” have signed with Ipecac Recordings, releasing the four-song Hollywood Junkyard EP on June 17.

The Bobby Lees said of partnering with Ipecac: “We’re very excited to be on Ipecac Recordings! They have bands we love, and most importantly the label is run by honest, no bullshit people. They let their artists make their own
decisions and we really appreciate that. It’s rare nowadays for a label to take a chance on a band that doesn’t fit in one lane. Ipecac welcomed us and that challenge with open arms. They seem to be a label that fights for the misfits and the bands that have their own pulse. As soon as we met them, we knew this album found its home.”

“It’s so great to welcome The Bobby Lees to Ipecac. Take no prisoners, DIY rock and roll. Can’t wait to share these tunes with the world,” shared Mike Patton, with his Ipecac co-owner Greg Werckman adding: “When our A&R guy, Henry Rollins, brought The Bobby Lees to our attention we did not hesitate. A great band, great people with the right attitude. Honored to be a part of the future of this band.”

News of the band’s signing and the forthcoming release comes with today’s arrival of the EP’s title track and its accompanying video. The clip, directed by indie filmmaker John Swab, finds the musicians drugged by an overeager stylist and publicist, as the band’s label seeks to hone on a “look” for The Bobby Lees. “The video is a general commentary on our current culture and its obsession with the external, and trying to be famous by any means,” explains singer/guitar player Sam Quartin. “The world of TikTok and Instagram feels like a trap for most of us, so we try to stay away from it as much as possible and instead focus on what you can’t see. Lyrically, the song is about an experience I had during a psychotic break when I thought a star shot into my body.

After that I started acting – I was told I didn’t look right and couldn’t ‘make it’ in entertainment without a gimmick or a look. But despite that, I got cast in a few films and was exposed to some amazing people, also some pretty shitty people and situations. The story of the video comes from what I witnessed. People in power manipulating others to do whatever they thought was best monetarily, not what was best for their artists health and well-being. I guess that’s true for a lot of things. The end result of money, fame and success being more important than truth, love, and sanity.”

Pre-save the Hollywood Junkyard EP here. Vance Powell (Jack White, Bleached, The Raconteurs) produced the four-song release. T

The Bobby Lees are Macky Bowman (drums), Nick Casa (guitar), Sam Quartin (vocals/guitar) and Kendall Wind (bass). The Woodstock, N.Y.-based band have released two albums:

Beauty Pageant (2018) and Skin Suit (2020), with the latter produced by Jon Spencer.

Classic Rock Magazine adeptly said of the band: “Rock and roll as it ought to be: off the hook, unhinged, ravaged by Satan, hysterically vital, both kicking serious arse and against polite society’s pricks. As undisciplined as No Wave, as steeped in comatose cool as ‘70s CBGB’s blank generation, and as stylishly ferocious as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.”


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