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Little Whelan’s • Wed 28th June 2023

Singer/songwriter Kate Dineen is determined to make her vigor known through her earnest and emotive music. Her blend of traditional folk and modern alternative demonstrates her experience as a musician, delivering a quiet power that is deft yet uncompromising.

Kate grew up in Kerry, a small rural village on the south-western coast, and now resides in Dublin. Kate was surrounded by music from a young age and would often sit in the back seat of her family’s car and read her father’s CD insert sleeves front to back so that she could memorize the lyrics. Her musical journey started when she was about 5 years old, learning the traditional tin-whistle in primary school. Soon after, Kate began taking piano lessons but felt constricted by the classical music regime. At age 14 Kate gave up piano for guitar and started learning her favorite songs, which she cites as a freeing experience. Then, at 16, as a shy teenager, she decided to challenge herself and sign up for vocal lessons. Kate immediately felt connected to the voice as an instrument that she could control.

True to her origins, Kate’s first real gig was in the corner of a local café. “Nobody knew where to look or when to clap,” she said, “but whenever I feel uncertain even now; I think back to that confident seventeen year old and try to channel that same energy”. That same energy accompanied her to college in Cork, opening her up to a world of gigs, open mics, and college events. Kate’s drive pushed her further, taking victory at a Battle of the Bands while in Belgium for university and further expanding her experience. Beyond the personal growth, however, Kate is grateful for the world it has opened her up to. “If music has done anything for me, it’s led me to have some really cool experiences and meet some interesting people along the way”.

Then, amidst the lockdown brought about by the pandemic, Kate began to reconnect with her songwriting, and after sharing some new music, was invigorated to reignite her passion. She said, “I feel like I’m in a really strong position now as an artist, a lot more self-assured, aware and determined”, and it shows. Kate’s music has caught the attention of Philadelphia record label Winding Way Records, who has signed her and plans to release an EP with her over the next year. Her newly released single “Sorry” blends emotional vulnerability with pointed and well-crafted lyrics, all supported by the light current formed by her voice and guitar, never pulling too hard, but always demanding attention. No matter the obstacles that stand in her way, Kate confronts the problems she faces with an empathetic understanding, delving into the heart of it, and pulling the listener right alongside her as she makes her own path.


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€11 available online from Whelan’s – 50c per ticket service charge applies

Strictly over 18′s, I.D. may be required.


Whelan’s Silent Disco from 10:30pm – 2 DJs, just pick the one you like best (€5 cover charge), plus Late Bar.