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10 Days in Dublin presents


– Live from the Parlour Bar – 

7:30pm – 9pm

Ever looked at the world and found that it reminds you of people you know? Inspired by Tom Cruise hanging off a cliff, Rhianna liking bad boys, and a world that seems to be constantly craving our attention, Eddie Naessens presents a new-hour of stand-up comedy about approval. The following topics are worked over for your amusement and delight: Celebrity Culture, Religion, Relationships, Family, News Media, Irishness, Reality, The Irish and their relationship with reality, and of course some Q&A. Expect segues and detours away from the main ideas; Naessens would hardly be warm and engaging if he stuck to a script.

Directed by John Dawson, this show promises to be the kind of unmissable show that you’ll be glad you didn’t miss. Performeded in the elegant surrounds of the Mercantile on Dame Street, likely to sell out fast, it’s a no brainer – get tickets now!


Critically acclaimed for his Edinburgh solo debut ‘Little Terror’ in 2005, Eddie has impressed audiences in Ireland, UK, US, Germany, Holland, Australia, and Qatar with an engrossing style of comedy that has both Irish and global appeal. This year he returns to the Festival circuit with his third solo show “The Thing is this…”
His comedy roles on film include ‘The Book That Wrote Itself’ and ‘Masochist’. Other TV appearances include ‘The Blizzard of Odd’, ‘Don’t Feed The Gondolas’, ‘Bull Island’, ‘The Big Bite’, and ‘The Liffey Laughs’.

His writing credits include a contribution to the short story collection ‘Leave Us Some Unreality’. He was nominated for a Smedia award in 2008.


€5 available online from


Whelan’s Indie DJ from 11pm til late or you might even catch the end of the weekly Trad Session in the front bar (9pm, Free).