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DragonForce are a band the vital statistics of which are well known by now. Album sales figures in the millions, the Grammy nod, the sold-out world tours, the lightspeed guitar work and that Guitar Hero tie-in. What is spoken about less is the band behind the reputation. The stories of on-tour merriment are famous, but less so the enthusiasm and dedication of the musicians responsible for the heavy metal major league outfit.

You may know about Herman Li and Sam Totman’s numerous awards for their virtuoso skill on the guitar, but you may know less about why they came to do what they do. The two guitarists fell in love with touring, and with performing their music live, while playing in their previous band that turned them onto the path they now stride so confidently.

“There’s a special feeling about playing on stage. Some people like to dance to music, some people enjoy going to clubs and head-banging – I just like to play,” says Herman. And it’s this love of performance that led them down their stylistic route. “I wanted something energetic to play – something that you can really let loose and have fun.”

The band’s route to success began with, what was at the time, a relatively untapped resource. DragonForce might not have set out with success on a global scale being seen as a realistic goal, but their desire for people to hear their music pushed them worldwide from the start. Around the turn of the decade, the Internet was not the essential tool in spreading the word it was today, but the six- piece had the vision to utilise it with great success, uploading their demo to and receiving millions of downloads as a result. It was this that got their momentum going, and paved the way for everything that has followed.

Similarly overlooked is the musical advancement DragonForce represent. In a musical realm where bands of a similar generation are either happy to ape the classic acts or utilise extensive keyboard and string arrangements to move the style onwards, DragonForce are progressive. The increased heaviness and pace they have injected has made them a fresh voice in the world of metal, and one the fans have responded to as a result.

For this new album, the band’s line-up has been complimented by new singer Marc Hudson, a superb young talent unearthed after an extensive worldwide search to find a worthy successor to former vocalist ZP Theart, who left the band in 2010.

“I’m more excited about this album than I have been about any of them,” “I hope people love it as much as we do. You make music for yourself, but it’s a really nice feeling when you can see other people like what you’ve done, because you’ve made them happy.

“If they like our other records, they’ll love this – it’s everything they want and more!” Prepare to feel the Force of the Dragon once more.



Conjuring Fate are an Irish heavy metal band from Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland. Formed by founding member Phil Horner in 2005 alongside vocalist Tommy Daly.

Over the last 2 years CF have supported acts such as Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden, Wolfsbane), Pat McManus (Mamas Boys), Argus (U.S Metal band), Voodoo Six, Sweet Savage, Rage Of Angels, MORDRED amoung many many others.

2014 sees Conjuring Fate embark on a new mission with new members Steve Legear (Bass), Karl Gibson (guitar) & Bogdan Walczak (drums).

The debut music video ‘House on Haunted Hill’ is already causing a stir..
The “House on Haunted Hill” e.p available now via


Tickets on sale now from and

€21.50 available online from WAV Tickets [Lo-Call 1890 200 078] (50c per ticket service charge applies on phone or creditcard bookings)

Strictly over 18′s, I.D. may be required.


Whelan’s Indie DJ in the bar and Sonntags upstairs from 11pm til late, Free Entry.