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Daphne in the Attic come crawling out of Cork’s rural undergrowth to blend ‘Voodoo Grunge’ and ‘ Swamp folk’. Formed after meeting the 87 year old folk singer ‘Daphne’, it was decided that the band would channel her mystic visions throughout their music. Live, this band will test your emotions, make you laugh and cry but keep you hooked in their beautiful and unique world.

Formed by Marcus O’hAilin and Edward Grannell in 2009 Daphne In the Attic set out on a mission to blend Grunge and Swamp Folk with classical string lines and Rockabilly guitar sounds. Their setup varies and is known to include such instruments as fiddle, cello, double bass, accordion, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, and harmonies.

The musical symbiosis of “Daphne in the Attic” seeps deeply into the warped chemistry of the band in which the two writers are bound to each other in a darkly comical Beckettian real life play.

“when we’re not playing music we’re zooming around Cork in a transit chasing musicians, conspiring, muttering in the wing mirrors, arguing over imro, shouting at pedestrians, breaking laws and chain smoking all to the soundtrack of unfinished recordings and arbitrary contradicting diatribes.”