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Free Entry 2016

Live from the Window


Ronan Ó Snodaigh, Eoin Dillon & friends.

7-9pm (until 27th Jun) – FREE

– WHELAN’S BAR – Facebook event

“Whelans First Ever Regular Trad Session”

Believe it or not Whelan’s has never hosted a regular trad session.

No one knows quite why but what we do know is what we want ‘Call The Dancers’ to achieve.

There’s a clue in the name. Trad geeks may recognise ‘Call The Dancers’ as a battle cry issued on ‘I gCnoc na Graí / In Knocknaree’ a live album by Tony McMahon and Noel Hill from 1985 that captures the spirit and passion we humbly hope to take a stab at generating.

Call The Dancers is where Rónan Ó Snodaigh and Eoin Dillon and friends will share the tunes they love.

They’ll be sharing them with each other and with the dancers, drinkers and groovers who cross Whelans threshold each Tuesday for the next three months.

This will be blistering. It will ooze the excitement of our glorious music and bring it to the world with the force it deserves.

Call The Dancers is for and by people who adore trad and can’t get enough of it.

We’ll be updating who the guests are when we know.

Sometimes we will know in advance, sometimes we won’t.


Whelan’s Silent Disco, now every Mon, Tue & Wed from 11pm – 2 DJs, just pick the one you like best [Free Entry] plus Late Bar.