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Demented Promotions Presents:


Equal Vision Records

+ guests

“BANE, a hardcore punk band, is formed by Aaron Dalbec (former Converge, Only Crime), Aaron Bedard (Backbone), Zach Jordan (Silent Drive), Pete Chilton (Silent Drive) and Bob Mahoney (Reach The Sky).

BANE is for sure one of the most influent Hardcore/Punk bands of the last 10+ years, with their third album “Give Blood” already begin considered as one of the best albums of the decade, with thousand of fans all over world due to their relentless touring schedule. The band basically played everywhere, several times U.S.A. and Europe, then Japan, Australia and South America had all had the pleasure to see BANE carrying its music and message with passion and sincerity. Simple and honest people who play passionate music. As they like to say, just a hardcore band in a hardcore van.

After 4 albums, Holding This Moment (1998), It all comes down to this (1999), Give Blood (2001) and The Note (2005), the band still continues with all its energy and will to play everywhere, it’s good to see them return to Ireland! “