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….Let’s Hope I Remember the Words



Thur 19th May 2022

Whelan’s Upstairs

Something Happens frontman Tom Dunne has announced a very special night in Whelan’s Upstairs on Thur 19th May. He will be joined by the very talented Alan Connor. Tickets €21.50 are on sale now from

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Having been derailed by Covid in March, I’m delighted to announce I will be finally taking to the stage, for my first ever solo outings. In these I will be accompanied by the gifted piano player Alan Connor. I accept ‘solo outing’ is inaccurate, but let’s face it, ‘gig without the Happens,’ is just too long. I will be featuring songs from, certainly three but possibly all five, of the albums I have recorded with Something Happens from Been There, Seen That, Done that, to Stuck Together with God’s Glue , Bedlam a Go Go and the US releases Planet Fabulous and Alan, Elvis and God.

So songs such as Daisyhead, Forget Georgia , Beach, Burn Clear, Are You My Girl, The Devil in Miss Jones, Kill The Roses, Patience Business, Take this With You, and of course Parachute. Songs I have known longer than I know my own wife. Let’s hope I remember the words

However I will also be playing some songs from artists that have hugely influenced both me and Something Happens over the years. Artists such as The Replacements, Big Star, The Go-Betweens, REM, The Beach Boys, Paul McCartney and many others.

As luck would have it, a career in radio has sometimes put me in very close proximity with many of these heroes. I have talked to Brian Wilson, Macca, Paul Westerberg, Sinead O’Connor, Grant McClennan, Michael Stipe, Glen Campbell, Jenny Lewis, Ryan Adams, Paul Weller, Jeff Tweedy, Elvis Costello, Christy Moore………the list goes on.
Song writing was inevitably discussed. Tales were told. Wilson, in particular, and possibly not for the reasons you think, stands out. Some stories may be shared on the night.

This event came about for three reasons. When my recovery from heart surgery was at its toughest the thing I most missed was singing live. When I recovered, Something Happens extreme good looks and talent made them hard to pin down frequently enough to quench that thirst. And then Covid hit.

We don’t need any reminders of that but in its depths of isolation, unable to make music at all, I took guitar lessons. I am a year in. My skills are rudimentary. I will hide the guitar if I see Ray Harman anywhere, but I am making progress. There have even been, gulp, new songs.

It is as a result of these ‘rudimentary skills,’ that the services of Alan Connor have been employed. He is a piano player extraordinaire, a Nicky Hopkins for our age and,
embarrassingly, a wonderful guitar player to booth!

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.


€21.50 available online from Whelan’s.

– 50c per ticket service charge applies on all bookings. Final ticket price may be higher from other outlets.

Strictly over 18′s, I.D. may be required.


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