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We are The TreeSleepers! Comprised mainly of silicon and a variety pack of Fun Sized lichens, we live underground, in a tree, which is waaay more awesome than yours.

LJ met Caleb after he’d travelled across the sea, from the oil fields of Texas where he was spawned, screaming and gurgling into existence/extinction. Terrified she fled to Dublin to learn 326 different ways to excavate eardrums from unsuspecting crowds, and remained for many a year, doing so… Upon her return to the wilds of West Cork, in search of new audiences to terrorize, she beseeched the Grand Wizard to ferment a band for her, out of only the most purely filthy materials. After much smog, Coca-Cola (Curse it’s foul Influence), petrol and lighter fluid, Caleb was again forced upon her for her own good, and, for the sake of familiarity, she looked past the oil to oggle at his mastery of sweet funky rhythms. In an effort to add some Adhesive Slime to hold this shambling cripple of a musical outfit together, the wizard added Young Master Ruprecht to the brew, renowned for his slimey, sticky, gooey yuk.

So with Blood, Bones, and Brains finally sourced, (Thats Bass, Drums, and Songwriting, let loose ,gone mad. Loco.) they realised that for Frankenstein to truly live they needed Flesh, and called on the services of Jack Dubious for Licks on Skin. Unimpressed Dubious declined, only to later offer his services on banjo, saxophone, Thumb-twiddler and Special effects. Rumor Has it his unexpected application was due to a sudden, sneeeeaky and slippery event, which no one really noticed, when the Position of Skin-Licker was Seized by Sir Albert J Creepeasy…. Dubious, aware of Sinistra Intentions, Watches over the band, protecting them from Creepeasy’s terrible and deadly Mislead Guitar.

“Their mongrel mix of blues, indie, punk and pop has been slowly perfected,” the five piece look “immediately comfortable on a major stage.” ( )

They “are all dreads, beards, army boots and attidude. They deliver a relentless good time beat.” ( )




Whelan’s Indie Club w/ Late Bar from 10:30pm or check out the bands playing The Midnight Hour in the upstairs venue (FREE ENTRY, 12am).