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With almost 300 shows and 1 album behind them, Dallas, TX natives The O’s return with sophomore release “Between The Two.”

They’ve traveled to Europe, Hawaii, and everywhere in between during these last two years, winning the hearts of all they’ve come across. With the first album “We Are The O’s” (2009) receiving great accolades – winning “Best Of’s” all around Texas, climbing to #2 album on the UK Americana charts; from being heard all over MTV an the History Channel; to being dangerously handsome and charming. The O’s are off to an amazing start and now have a new record.

Produced by Grammy Award winning Stuart Sikes (Loretta Lynn, The White Stripes, Cat Power), “Between The Two” is an album that you won’t stop listening to. With 12 solid gold tracks, we dig deep in our roots (Everly Brothers, Elvis, Hank Williams, etc) to deliver songs of the highest quality that’ll hook folks immediately.

Live shows are an all-out party – Just two dudes playing a banjo, a guitar, a lowebro, kick drums, harmonicas, beautiful harmonies, and a tambourine. It’s always wheels-off.

“Yeah, but what kind of music do you two dudes play?”

Well, we sweat too much for a folk band, drink to much for a pop band, and rock too much for a country band. Our music lies somewhere in between. Like the feeling of standing on a rooftop and singing an old Louvin Brothers tune at 4AM… Or shifting from buzz to beep.

It’ll always be about the song. It’ll always be about the party. Our music hangs somewhere “Between The Two.”