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Thur 26th Aug


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On the 26th of August 2021, Subcultured Live will make its live streaming debut in association with Whelan’s and The George.

The first live music event of its kind in Ireland will exclusively stream on Whelans’ Facebook and Youtube page, and promises to spotlight some of the best musical talent the Irish LGBTQ+ community has on offer.

The event was created, and is being run by Irish Musician Dale Malone, better known by his alternative pop moniker “Apollo Monroe”. The idea for Subcultured Live was curated in reaction to the lack of live music gigs aimed towards the Irish LGBTQ+ community. On the matter Malone states, “The queer community here has such a presence in Irish club culture, however – I find whenever I go to a gig; the lack of LGBTQ+ presence in the audience is very apparent.” The idea came to me when I attended a Kim Petras gig in the Academy back in February 2020, and most of that audience was LGBTQ+, and there was just such an amazing atmosphere and vibe. It was like being in the George – but with live music! And it made me question whether there would be a way to duplicate that atmosphere on a smaller scale, with local artists!”

Regarding his intentions with the gig, Malone states, “I’ve always found the queer music scene to be quite segregated. From my experience, there’s not much of a community there. I feel like this could be a standard result of ‘othering’. I feel sometimes minorities have a hard time building connections and supporting each other as we are sometimes made to believe that there’s only one seat at the table and we all have to fight each other for that seat. He states, “My goal here is to help build that community and sense of comradery amongst LGBTQ+ identifying Irish artists – similar to that of the drag scene. To give queer artists a stage they can perform and grow upon in a safe environment of their peers. And a family of like-minded individuals who they can learn from. – Plus, I want it to just be a really fun event of queer celebration.”

Malone shipped around the gig concept to multiple venues, but it was Dave Allen, the head of events at Whelan’s, who showed invested interest in the project. Offering to fund the gig and run it in association with The George and Whelans – live streaming the event from Whelan’s Facebook and YouTube pages that have a combined follower amount of approximately 87’000.

Malone has his sights set on eventually hosting the gig in-venue, with a live audience once the live music industry opens again. And claims to have a lot of ideas make the event feel like a celebration of queer culture and music. Although he didn’t go into detail, he alluded to the incorporation of DJ sets and Drag Queens.

The hour and a half long event is split into 15 minute sections, each dedicated to one of 5 up-and-coming queer identifying Irish pop acts. The performances have a mixture of acoustic, full live-band, and tracking elements – differentiating per artist.

The line-up for the first gig comprises:


Subcultured Live has been funded by Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.

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