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Scullion are an Irish folk rock band that came into being in the mid 1970s. They were quite popular in Ireland, and released several LPs, but only two CDs have been released to date – the compilation Ghosts And Heroes on the Kitten label in 1992 and another compilation Eyelids into Snow – A Collection in 2001. The founding members were Sonny Condell (also a member of another popular Irish music band Tír na nÓg), Philip King, Greg Boland and Jimmy O’Brien Moran. Jimmy O’Brien Moran left the band in 1980, after the first album. Robbie Overson, replacing guitarist Greg Boland, joined the band in 1987. Scullion continue to play live.


In the Summer of 1979 former ‘Tír na nÓg’ songwriter Sonny Condell (Vocals / Guitar) was sharing a flat in Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin with Greg Boland (Guitarist), whom he had befriended during the recording of Camouflage, his debut solo album on the Mulligan label. They were joined around this time by Philip King (Vocals / Harmonica) who, having decided to quit teaching for a carreer in music, had also become their flatmate. Boland had just left Irish band ‘Stagalee’ and they began doing some informal gigs together. King had also approached Mulligan with the aim of securing a solo album deal but, as the trio’s performances were being well received, the idea of combining the approach to Mulligan as a group became an attractive alternative. All that was needed was a collective name. Taking the story back three years to 1976 would find Condell and King playing together with Freddie White (Vocals / Guitar), Mick ‘Black Dog’ Daly (Vocals / Guitar), Dan Fitzgerald (Drums) and Eamon Doyle (Bass). This band was a fun relief for the members, all of whom were involved in other group and solo projects. King came up with the name ‘Scullion’ for this collective and it was decided to use this name for the trio (Sonny Condell, Greg Boland and Philip King) that evolved from these sessions.


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Whelan’s Indie DJ from 11pm til late or you might even catch the end of Jaime Nanci and the Blue Boys in the front bar (9pm, Free).