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New Single ‘Delicate Man’ released November 25th

Belfast has certainly produced some outstanding bands over the years and it has just given us one more musical gem to hold high above our heads and champion with pride.

Music aficionados will already be aware that, in 2011, the Belfast based indie pop band runaway GO have emerged as a force to be reckoned with. And now, they are set to become a household name as they trail-blaze their way through the Irish music scene, with heaving high energy performances and an arsenal of dynamic music.

Fronted by joint vocalists Dave Jackson and Fiona O’Kane, with Javed Love on drums, Chris Jackson on bass and James Lappin on guitar, the bands early performances have received high accolades from reviewers describing them as “a rare spectacle” and “one of the best bands in the country”.

Their dream ignited when they returned from London after winning Jack Daniel’s ‘JD Set Unsigned’ award. The accomplishment compelled them to put down a gruelling 18 months perfecting their sound and live performance. They discovered their on-stage energy was intoxicating, with audiences both new and old compelled to sing back the anthemic choruses. And so, like all the bands that have made history, they decided to capitalise on their strengths.

Over the past six months, in the Start Together Studio in Belfast, the band have been recording their debut EP (due for release in February 2012), with Jonathan Shakhovskoy (Beady Eye & U2) on mixing duties in London and Geoff Pesche (Gorillaz, Basement Jaxx & Dizzee Rascal) mastering at the Abbey Road Studios.

Although it is early days for runaway GO, the band have attracted great interest from several corners of the music industry. One of the tracks from their forthcoming EP ‘Don’t Let Me’ has been included in the independent movie “Making Ugly’ and their track ‘Wide Awake’ is being approached for inclusion in an Xbox LIVE game due for release in 2012.

Their debut single ‘Alligator’ was released in Ireland on 23rd September and received some solid support at radio – with their single launch night at Auntie Annie’s in Belfast becoming one of the hottest tickets in town.

Some stomping sets completed – and new fans being recruited daily – this month the band are set to make some serious noise with their brand new single ‘Delicate Man’ which is release on November 25th. This release will include the remix of ‘Delicate Man’ by U.S. break-beat pioneer Paul Grogan of Rampant Records, who had a major influence on the dance floor charts throughout the 90’s.

runaway GO are set to tour Ireland in November/December with all dates to be announced shortly, including a performance for Shine Promotions in Belfast on December 9th. This is an act that you have got to see live!